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Successful customer projects

Here is a small excerpt of our numerous customer projects.

IntelliTrail - Tracking of cleaning machines

In this customer project, a telemetry box for cleaning machines was developed which records various information such as runtime, GPS, crashes, ... and uploads it to the cloud. The project was carried out together with the customer - from conception to prototype production to series production. Currently, more than 10,000 cleaning machines are equipped with the IntelliTrail-Box.

AMCEU - payment management for funded EU projects

The application “AMCEU” with an interface to Jems (Joint Electronic Monitoring System – system for application and billing of Interreg projects) was developed for the MA 27 authority and serves as a central management, communication and and documentation system. It is used for proper payout management, control and release, reporting as well as archiving of the documents required for these purposes (aligned with data retention requirements of the European Commission).

MOCBC - monitoring for project sponsor organizations

“MOCBC” (Monitoring for CBC programs) is an application developed for detailed progress status reports and payments to the project sponsor organizations of MA 27. It is used to manage the approval and billing data of the project partners such as evaluation information, milestone monitoring, various reports as well as archiving of the documents required for these purposes (aligned with data retention requirements of the European Commission).


In this customer project, a public toilet terminal has been developed which replaces the traditional clean-up certification slip. The requirements were created in cooperation with the customer. Based on this work, we developed the hardware and firmware.
The cleaning staff confirms cleaning by means of an RFID chip and the terminal uploads this information to the cloud. In addition, guests can rate the cleanliness of the facilities by means of 3 smilies. This information is also uploaded to the cloud for various evaluations.

Anchor Watch

Development of an Android app to help sportboarters anchor. The integration of OpenSeaMaps can be used to check whether the set anchor is stopping or whether the boat is drifting. Should the boat leave the fixed radius, a given telephone number will be assigned for sending by SMS or an alarm call.

MQTT Middleware

MQTT middleware as an interface between MQTT-enabled devices in the field and various applications. The middleware not only serves as a pure data interface, it also handles config- and firmware management. Defined logics detect inconsistencies in the data and automatically request missing / incorrect data from the devices in the field. Furthermore, the middleware also serves for various analysis purposes and collection of various statistics for the evaluation of the general condition (utilization, faulty data, trend analyzes, ...).

Time and Task App (Android)

T & T App is an application for NFC-enabled Android devices (Android 4.4.2 or higher) that allows you to collect time and activity data. Once the app is set up and configured for first use, no permanent Internet connection is required. During offline time, the collected data is stored locally and when the device is back online, all data is uploaded.


PREACT is revolutionary computer design concept to suit hazardous environments, produced to meet all requirements of sterilization, flawless, compact housing, touch screen for data input for the least amount of peripherals. Its primary field of usage is in hospital pharmacy laboratories for mixing infusions, pharmaceutical production environments, and meant for every cleanroom work processes requiring computer aid. PREACT is a passive cooled, sealed housed, disinfectable computer configuration, designed to meet the requirements of cleanroom environments with minimalized peripheral needs. The computer is CE and TÜV certified and complies with GMP requirements.